Good News Bad News….

I got the best email yesterday from one of the girls in our Connect Group. You see this Wednesday groups all over the city will be hosting dinner parties and group memebers are encouraged to invite friends. It’s designed to be an easy way to invite friends or colleuges to get to know the heart of the church… it’s people!

So back to the email. I was a little nervous when I saw an email from Nicole with the subject line “Good news, bad news”. I was really hoping that the former would out-weigh the latter. But I found her note to be a great surprise. She said that she had already invited 10 people to our dinner party next Wednesday and she hoped that would be alright. (Keep in mind this is just one of the 20 people in our group). Who knows who will end up coming but we will be preparing to feed an army and have a wonderful time.

Thank you to everyone on Team Roach that has prayed for and supported us. One of our biggest goals in coming to Paris was to create a home where people would feel welcome and know the presence of Christ. Because of you that goal has been reached. Merci beaucoup!

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